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Agmatix adopts Varda’s Global FieldID™ to strengthen the traceability and accuracy in agriculture

Agmatix adopts Varda’s Global FieldID™ to strengthen the traceability and accuracy in agriculture

  • Varda will help to improve the precision of Agmatix’s product by facilitating access to data coming from multiple sources.
  • This partnership marks the first time that the digital branches of two global crop nutrition producers have collaborated.




We are pleased to announce our partnership with Agmatix, an ICL Group digital ag start-up, that, with its data-drive platform, increases crop management efficiency and supports sustainable agriculture. The collaboration will see Varda boost Agmatix’s precision by facilitating access to granular data, all to improve the way nutrition recommendations are delivered and streamline field information consistency for farmers and growers.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone as it's the first time the digital branches of two global crop nutrition producers have united, bringing new opportunities for traceability and accuracy in the industry.

At the heart of this momentous collaboration lies Agmatix's powerful Digital Crop Advisor - an innovative AI-powered platform designed to empower agronomists and agriculture professionals. The remarkable tool allows for the creation of personalized crop nutrition plans at the field level, leveraging data-driven insights to optimize agricultural practices and enhance crop management efficiency.

To further enhance this precision, Varda contributes its revolutionary Global FieldID™ system. Imagine each agricultural land plot having a unique ID - similar to a 'QR code for fields', accessible through an API. Global FieldID™ is set to establish a unified geospatial reference framework across the entire agriculture industry. By enabling easier data exchange, it wants to promote transparency, and streamline information consistency for farmers and growers.

Elevating sustainability and accuracy

Through this collaboration, Varda will provide Agmatix with access to granular data, significantly improving the delivery of nutrition recommendations. Additionally, Agmatix's sustainability indexes will be integrated with Global FieldID™, boosting data accuracy, and traceability based on specific location information.

Agmatix's Digital Crop Advisor already boasts over 150 crop profiles, allowing agronomists to create personalized nutrition plans that embrace regenerative practices and support the transition to sustainable agriculture. By embracing this advanced decision support tool, agriculture professionals can optimize crop nutrient recommendations throughout phenological stages and growing seasons.

The partnership will pave the way for a more collaborative and transparent food system in vital agricultural markets such as Brazil and India.

A shared vision: bringing real impact to the ag industry

The CEOs of both Varda and Agmatix express their enthusiasm for this collaboration and its potential impact on sustainable agriculture.

Davide Ceper, CEO at Varda commented:

"Agmatix is a leading solution in sustainable agriculture and we’re proud to be working with the team to boost transparency and accuracy across the sector. This partnership represents a key industry milestone as it’s the first instance of collaboration between the digital branches of two crop nutrition producers. In the quest to safeguard our planet, there is no competition, only through concerted action can we protect our future. We look forward to witnessing more of such partnerships emerging, as we collectively strive to preserve the planet for generations to come.”

Ron Baruchi, CEO at Agmatix commented:

"As we cultivate the future of agriculture, the bedrock lies in collecting data at the field level, empowering us to forge a path of sustainability, efficiency, and economic prosperity. And as industry leaders, Varda, the digital arm of Yara, and Agmatix, the digital arm of ICL Group, together, we recognize the significance of field-level data collection in shaping the future of our industry. By joining forces, we establish standardized field IDs, enabling swift and efficient data collection. This partnership expedites the flow of vital information, fostering sustainable practices and enhancing efficiency across the entire ag value chain. Varda and Agmatix exemplify the true spirit of collaboration, uniting industry pioneers to propel agriculture into a brighter, more prosperous future."

Embracing innovation and resilience

As we look ahead to a greener and more prosperous future, the collaborative journey of Varda and Agmatix serves as a powerful example of how innovation and cooperation can drive positive change in agriculture. Their joint efforts to accelerate the adoption of cutting-edge technology and extend the geographic scope of agronomic data promise to revolutionize the industry, fostering a new era of innovation, sustainability, and resilience in agriculture.



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