What we do

Enable Farm and Field Data

We want to make the exchange of field data easier and improve the accessibility of field-level data beyond the farm gate, strengthening cross-supply chain connectivity. 

Support Regenerative Farming

To create impactful change, we want to improve transparency in the ag and food industry, supporting the application of regenerative agriculture practices.

Strengthen Supply Chain Collaboration

Our goal is to bring together leaders from the agri-food industry to collaborate to transition to a more sustainable, resilient, and transparent food system.

Companies that trust us

They have joined us to build a nature-positive food system

Our services

Global FieldID

Global FieldID is the 'Google Maps' of the food industry, enabling the identification of agricultural land plots across digital farming tools, service providers and the food value-chain.

The platform enables standardization of data formats, making the flow of information easier and cheaper.



SoilHive is a web-based platform that consolidates and harmonizes soil data from public and private datasources based on voluntary contributions.

The platform gives access to fragmented and invisible soil data for public and commercial purposes, acting as a catalyzer for global collaboration for soil health.


Varda's mission, vision, and values

We are an ag-tech data service provider enabling farm & field data sharing to support the transition to a global nature-positive food system


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Global FieldID


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